Frequently Asked Questions

Terms & Conditions/Refund Policy

Throughout this agreement the terms "us", "our", and "we" refer to and it's an operator(s) and the owner(s). The terms "you", "your", and "user" refer to the person or entity accessing or using its services. The terms "coin" and "coins" are synonyms for cryptocurrencies.

Your Agreement to the Terms
Accessing this website or any services provided by it in any way indicates your agreement to the complete terms and conditions in this agreement. Any section or item found to be unenforceable by a court of law does not invalidate any other section or item. 

Refund Policy - Completed Transactions
It is the nature of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and the other cryptocurrencies on our website that all transactions are final with no method of chargeback or recourse for the sender of the funds. As such we are unable to reverse or provide refunds for any payment made through our payment system. This also applies if you contact us before the payment is completed but it reaches completion before we are able to respond. We do provide a feedback system so buyers can leave ratings for sellers (and vice versa). 

Refund Policy - Incomplete Transactions/Overages
If your coins were not received and/or confirmed in time, not enough funds were received, or you sent extra coins we will gladly refund them to you. Simply open a support ticket with your transaction ID, verification code, and refund address. The ticket must be opened with the email address used in the transaction. We will in most cases email you to ask if you would like a refund, but this is not guaranteed. Refunds will be either (at our discretion): a) the original amount of coins received, or b) an amount equivalent to the USD value at the time of the transaction. All refunds must be claimed within 30 days of us receiving your coins or they will be forfeited. Refunds are sent minus the unsubsidized coin/miner TX fee to send them to you.